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Ddupleks Monolit 21 20/70 Svoris:21g

High precision
Reduced ricochet possibility
Deep penetration

Technical data:

Slug weight: 19.5 g / 300 gr
Muzzle velocity: 470 m/s / 1540 fps
Muzzle energy: 2150 J / 1660 fp



Increased penetration ability and self stabilizing design are the most popular characteristics of Monolit slugs and the Monolit 21 is not an exception. Perfectly suited for overgrown hunting areas, the Monolit 21 also provides a reduced risk of ricochet when hitting targets softer than steel. Effective transfer of energy with the flat forepart of the slug is also one of the main reasons why Monolit slugs are considered a good choice for big game hunting.

The main advantages:

  • Lead-free
  • High accuracy in long distances
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used in all chokes
  • Retains its trajectory when hitting obstacles
  • Soft recoil
  • Reduced possibility of ricocheting
  • Powerful impact and stopping effect
  • Highest accuracy with a cylinder or a full choke

Scheme_Monolit28_small (3)


Polymer slug parts reduce friction within the barrel and ensure safe procession of the slug through any choke. During the flight, the rear part of the slug together with the lateral surface of the slug body stabilizes it precisely with the nose forward. Light recoil and flat trajectory combined with increased penetration power are the key features of Monolit 21 for effective use in hunting.


The sharp edged Monolit slug cuts through the obstacles and transfers the energy to the target without deflection. There the non- deforming and deep penetrating main body of the slug delivers the energy deep into the game animal’s body. Suitable for use in smooth and rifled barrels, the Monolit 21 is a universal load that can be used in various weapons with different purposes and designs.




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