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UAB ABSS LT is a company which combines three different businesses under one roof and owner. We have a range of businesses varying from engineering and ships to arms and clothes. A description can be found below:


UAB „ABSS LT” Hunters Club


ABSS LT, UAB – is subsidiary of UAB “Jagtekas” which was founded in 2003 and produces goods for hunters, fishermen, police and soldiers. Our company specializes in production of textile and leather clothing and accessories. We also have wide range of other clothing and arms makers in our portfolio for your consideration.


We have tailored our sales team to understand our clients’ needs and fulfill their expectations.


Our firm always enhances existing products to bring our clients best quality product and guaranteed satisfaction. We invest our resources into development of new clothing line for professional hunters and enthusiasts, in addition we can design and manufacture any clothing you like. In order to have such variety in products, we are cooperating with three other companies in Lithuania in production of hunter’s equipment and employ around 150 people with one aim in mind:


“To bring high quality products at reasonable price both on local and international level for professional hunters and enthusiasts.”


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UAB „ABSS LT” Ship Repair and Construction


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UAB „ABSS LT” Engineering Systems


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