Ship repair and construction


Ship repairs and construction

  1. Ship inspection before repairs, for completing ship repair specification
  2. Gathering information about ship painting scheme and measurement of hull plating thickness for classification society
  3. Pre-purchase technical inspection
  4. Middlemen service in organizing ship repairs and new ship building in China’s shipyards
  5. Technical accident investigation


Ship services

  1. Installation and repairs of ship electrical equipment
  2. Installation and repairs of radio and navigation equipment


Ship supply

  1. Supply of spare parts for ship equipment
  2. Ship equipment
  3. Various materials


HR service in marine sector:
We offer a range of qualified specialists for ship repair/building:

  1. Welders
  2. Plate/pipe fitters
  3. Electricians
  4. Workers for finishing and fitting ship’s interior spaces

Other specialists are also available
















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